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This is a last minute reminder and invitation to come to our church tomorrow, April 22nd, where I will be speaking  on “Who will you trust?”

Here’s the information:  Cornerstone Baptist Church, 17017 Twelve Mile Road, Roseville, MI  48066

Service starts at 10:45 and there is free child care for infants through kindergarten.  Or if you prefer, there are “cry rooms” at the top of the auditorium with glass and sound system so you can see and hear the service without your children being a distraction to others.  Make sure you arrive early enough to park and come in and find a seat.

For those of you unable to come due to distance or other commitments, I would appreciate your prayers that I can communicate clearly what God has laid on my heart.  I need strength physically and emotionally.

Thanks Friends!

Proverbs 3:5&6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all  your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths!”

  1. Kevin/Joni Sayers says:

    Prayers have been & are being said for you & your family. Praying for you to have the health, words & stamina to speak tomorrow. We love you, & are so thank-ful for your continued godly influence on so many lives. God bless you, as you continue to live for Him! To God be the Glory!

  2. Shirley Piatek says:

    Patrick, you (and your family) are in our prayers daily. We are and have been praying since we heard that you will be speaking, that you will have the strength, stamina, clarity of mind, and whatever your needs may be, to share what is on your heart about the Soverignty of God with all who will be in attendance. We love you, and we are uplifthing you to the Throne! God’s Blessings on You!

  3. Janet Rice says:

    Patrick (and family),
    You have been in our prayers daily since I heard. Praying that God will give you the strength and stamina, clarity of mind and that He will move you aside and speak boldly through you on what He has laid on your heart to share about the Soverignty of God with all who will be there. I’ve been praying for those that will be there, that God will prepare their hearts and that he will till the soil of their hearts and that he will open their eyes and that others will come to Christ through your testimony. Lifting you up to the Throne! God’s blessings on you!

  4. ajplumm says:


  5. Cheryl Murrish says:

    Dear dear Patrick and Dena,
    You are being covered in prayer for strength to walk this road, for hands to hold on to Christ, for feet to follow in His path, for fear to become faith. He is near and He is your strength. You are called and kept; you are chosen and held; you are secured by His Everlasting Arms. Much love, Cheryl and Dale

  6. Pat Jenkins says:

    Patrick, you will be in our prayers tomorrow. God is sooooooo forever faithful! So wish we could be here tomorrow. IN CHRIST we STAND FIRM, Pat and Roger Jenkins

  7. Mary Rodgers says:


    I’ll sure have you in my prayers for the support you need for tomorrow. Wish I could
    be there.

  8. Earl and Becky Short says:

    We will be praying double time tomorrow for you, your family and your extended family. The effort that you are putting forth to communicate your heart is directed by God… so if the words don’t come God will use that too… because He is in control. It will be a treasured stretching time! and WE ARE PRAYING here in Iowa!

  9. Mike & Linda Herhuth says:

    Praying that God will use you in a mighty way tomorrow!

  10. Julie Nagelkirk says:

    Praying for you!

  11. Russ Arbuckle says:

    Patrick it will just fine. You speak very well on Wednesday morning’s in the Senior’s Bible Study.
    You’ll do great. Also, I found out why Joesph stayed in Egypt and didn’t go back to his family in
    13 years in Egypt. I’ll let you now on Wednesday. Take care my friend and I’ll have that firehouse
    coffee ready on Wednesday morning

  12. Steve Miko says:

    Sarah and I are praying for you for tomorrow here from California! We are sad we cannot be there tomorrow, but we will listen to the MP3. Love you and miss you!!!

  13. Jenna Lockard says:

    I have been praying for you for the last several weeks over the service tomorrow. I find myself murmuring your name to God quite often…lifting you up to Him. I wish I could be their to hear your sermon tomorrow….but I promise I will be bringing you before His feet.

  14. Please know that we are praying with you. Glad that Brady could come…wish we could be there as well, but we will certainly be praying for all of you, especially Sunday as you preach.

  15. Carl & Lori Reichanadter says:

    We have been, and will continue to pray for you Patrick!

  16. Diana Eisner says:

    Patrick and Dena, you have been on our hearts and minds so often during these last months. We will definitely be praying tomorrow morning too. God is going to use your words from His Word in a mighty way. You have touched many lives and your testimony will continue to touch lives in the days ahead.

  17. John & Esther Millheim says:

    Our dear BBC friends, Patrick & Dena, Yes, we go way back…we feel honored to be the parents of your college friends, Debby, Danny, Diana. You are such dear friends pver the years. You have been such a source of courage and strength to all of us! You are and will be in our prayers tomorrow. We send our love to you and your beautiful family. Hugs, John & Esther Millheim

  18. Marc Rance Sr. says:

    Patrick, praying for great strength for clear communication tomorrow , Love Ya Brother (press On Pilgrim)

  19. Pat depue says:


  20. Rachel weidner says:

    hey, i went to youth group about 2 years ago (you prolly dont remember me) but when i recently looked u up i found out about your current battle. but i just wnat to say that God is always with you, and that i could see the effect u had on the teens ther. you and your family will be in my prayers/.

  21. lorie smith says:

    you did excellent
    thank you for speaking
    for all of us

  22. Cindy Raese says:

    You did an awesome job Patrick! Thank you for sharing at his time in your life what God has laid on your heart! Today’s message helped me to stop and think about all that has gone on these past 2 years in my life. To be thankful for the time I have had with loved ones that are now gone or that are in grave condition. I agree, I do not fear death. I will be present with the Lord. Do we understand why, no. Some day I know the Lord will tell me. That is what gets me through every day knowing God has a plan and reason for everything. May God continue to give you peace and comfort you and your family.

  23. hhwithissues says:

    Patrick-You did a great job. I was so happy I could be there and really appreciated the invite.
    You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. Today you helped me today to remember why there are things we dont understand…yet. But until then I will be greatful for what I have been given, especially if it means I get to encounter such wonderful people like yourself.
    God Bless you and your family Patrick.

  24. Linda Herhuth says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your incredible testimony today and for the wonderful challenge you put out there about trusting God because HE IS SOVEREIGN and so much more trustworthy than any of us could ever be. Joel and his wife Samantha were there this morning along with a friend of mine who I run with and I know they were all impacted by what you said, as was I. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so obvious today and I am trusting God to work His perfect work in everyone who was there today. THANK YOU for being His vessel and allowing yourself to be used, even and especially now, by The Potter! (Hmmmm, that seems to remind me of another one of your messages . . . .) Love all of you and continuing to pray for your family!

  25. Gail Archer says:

    i ‘m always praying for all of you for peace and strength you are loved by so many of us but you are loved always by God and He has His hands on you.

  26. Les and Judy Johnson says:

    Patrick: Sorry we cannot attend but are praying for you. I will explain Wednesday at bible study.

  27. Jo Ann Gasparotto says:

    Dear Patrick… I speak on behalf of my whole family. We are ever so thankful and Blest to have had you teach, come along side us (as parents) and befriend, and encourage our 3 sons and now our daughter. You have allowed God to use you and have continued to share your joy and smiles all the while. It was evident today how much you have impacted those students(and adults) along the way. Just to see their faces there to support you, was an amazing testimony. Thank you for being real, and honest. There are the days of discouragement and sadness, yet the days of joy. I wish that Joel could have been here. You are an encouragement and the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT could truly be sensed today as you spoke! Thank you so much for speaking today to make sure that the GOOD NEWS was shared!
    In Christ, The Gasparotto’s… Haley, Logan, Ryan, Joel, Mario, and Jo Mama 🙂

  28. Linda Herhuth says:

    Praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in each heart that heard Patrick yesterday. In the light of a new day the devil WILL try to downplay, rationalize, and in whatever way possible steal that seed that has been planted in so many lives. Praying that instead the Holy Spirit will continue to burn Patrick’s words into the hearts and minds of everyone present and draw each one to Himself.

  29. gene austin says:

    Ii thank God for you. Your sermon made a lasting inpact on my son. To God be the glory! My prayers go up for you. In his grip

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