Fall, Fun & Sports

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fall…a short, but powerful season.  Many new things start in the fall, thus making it an exciting time of year.  It’s is a time of change, from the leaves dropping to the return of routines filled with school, sports, and activities.

For the past twenty years, I have worked with students and therefore have always been closely attached to the typical school schedule.  I actually think of life in “semesters.”  One of the fun parts of my job was to try to get to at least one game or concert of each high school student.  Sometimes that meant catching the first half of a soccer game and then heading over to catch the half-time marching band routine at another school.  It was always a joy to chat with the parents and cheer for the student, hoping that they heard my voice or whistle cheering them on.

I have been a sports lover all my life.  Growing up on the West Coast, I played baseball year round.  The first two years in my public high school, I played football.  After moving across the country, my small Christian high school recruited me to play basketball and soccer.  On the basketball court, I was only an asset by standing under the hoop and blocking the skinny guys, thus drawing the charge; but on the soccer field, I developed a true passion and there my skills soared.  I stayed with soccer all the way through college and coached it at various levels. A couple of years ago, as we anticipated our kids going off to college, I told Dena that I was going to get a side job as a soccer referee…something I would love to do and it would also help with the college bills.  Her response was that she hoped I didn’t expect her to come and WATCH me ref!  🙂

Now we are in Fall 2012 and I have no students’ schedules that I am trying to manage.  In fact, it’s the first year ever that neither of my kids are involved in a fall sport.  So that leaves me with following my other two teams, one from my childhood and one from my 12 years of life as a Detroiter:  The fighting Irish and the Tigers!

Regardless of your feelings for or against either team, please just join me in hoping for some fun games to watch this fall!   It’s a simple thing that I can look forward to;  Something to enjoy while sitting for hours in my lift chair.  I think I might even pray that the Tigers make the play offs, so the season can last longer.  That may not sound spiritual, but I am looking to find fun in the little things.

Psalm 16:11 “Thou wilt make known to me the path of life; In Thy presence is fulness of joy; In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever.”

  1. Bob Johnson says:

    That means that we have to pray that Valverde does not pitch!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Patrick, It’s such a joy to read your Posts! You’ve been blessed with such a sense of humor and joy that you spread to everyone! Remembering the first Sept. I was no longer in high school, and thinking how ‘spread out’ everyone was who had been ‘together’ under one roof. I’m sure this Fall is a huge change and challenge for you! Please know that you are loved and prayed for – whatever time of day or night! May God continue to use you to bless others and show them the way God can use and change their life, as He has yours. Gentle hugs ♥

  3. Joe & Gail says:

    I just finished praying for you and your family that you would be joyful today. I can’t tell you what great Joy you have brought to Gail & I. We love you brother,

  4. Carl says:

    Go IRISH! Didn’t know you were an Irish fan. No wonder I like you! Carl

  5. dovetvl says:

    THANK YOU for coming out to watch Nate at several of his sporting events. We loved having you there to cheer him on…even when he was competing against LHN!
    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers daily.

  6. Keith and Marilyn Kaynor says:

    Thanks for sharing again how things are going for you. I know what you mean about kid’s sports schedules. Boy, did we miss the boys’ sporting events after they went to college. It had become our social life! I will pray too that the Tigers will make the playoffs so the season is extended for you. I’ve also been a Tiger fan for 50 some years but I can’t say the same for Notre Dame. Go Michigan!

  7. Kay Morrow says:

    Thank you, Patrick, for heing me to understand the frustrations you face. My mother-in-law had Bulber’s palsy and I even understand the connection between what you have and what she had. Your testimony remains strong and as I read your comments I can just hear you talkingin your unforgetable, warm, expressive voice. We keep you and your sweet family in our prayers. GOd is using you in a mighty way. Love and prayers, Kay and John

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