My name is Patrick McGoldrick and I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  My life’s goal is to know, love and trust Christ more.  It has been my privilege to serve as a youth pastor for over twenty years, originally in Covington, KY and for the past 12 years in Roseville, MI.  Currently I am transitioning from youth into adult ministries; This will be finalized sometime during 2012.  Shepherding people is my passion and I always enjoy the company of others.

God has blessed me with an awesome family.  My wife, Dena, grew up in Iowa and we met during our college years at Baptist Bible College.  Twenty-three years later, she is still my best friend.  Our daughter, Paige, is an 18 year old, lovely young lady.  Like me, she loves food, soccer and laughter.  Our son, Parker, is 16 and loves music and running.

The four of us are open, honest and seek to continually challenge each other to be more Christ-like.

My life has recently taken a turn. After a few months of strange symptoms, many doctor’s visits and tests, I have been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  The doctors are 100% convinced that this is what I have.  There is no cure for ALS.  ALS is a serious neurological disease that causes muscle weakness and eventually leads to complete deterioration.  The speed and path varies from person to person, but the average life expectancy is two years.

A song that has blessed my soul recently is written ultimately by God, through Job and passed down to Matt Redman. That song is “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”   I want to live that out!!


  1. Bette Keul says:

    Our prayers are with you and your family. Our God is faithful and you will not walk this path alone. He has entrusted to you this path that others will see Him through you and glorify Him.

    • Robert says:

      Ronette and I are praying for you, Dena, and the children. We know that in the Scriptures you will find strength and solace for your suffering. We are praying that the words of Jesus to his disciples (John 11:4) or of Paul to the church at Ephesus (3:13) will be true for your family and the family at Cornerstone, that is, this adventure will be to the glory of God!

  2. Paula says:

    I stumbled unto your site though a link on facebook on a friends wall. I graduated from BBC. I am a CNA at a nursing home but have a couple of private duty jobs. One of my jobs involves taking care of a man with als. I will be praying for you and your family. Philippians 4:6-7


  3. nancy alanskas says:

    Patrick, I am the daughter of a dad who had ALS. He wanted and lived a humble life. He faced this stunning diagnosis head on. He was Catholic and in the end it really doesn’t make a difference because he was a Christian first.

    Please, if you or your wife or son or daughter want to talk, feel free to contact me at my email: nanalan@rocketmail.com. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Nancy

  4. Tina Winner says:

    My prayers my heart are with you , Dena Paige and Parker – I will be here always and pray for you daily

  5. Jo Ann Gasparotto says:

    Good morning McGoldricks,
    I will continue to pray for your family. Thank you for keeping us encouraged by posting Ed’s Story as well.
    Love The Gasparotto’s

  6. Carlo Mercurio says:

    Hey Patrick,

    Carlo here. I don’t blog, so I guess I’ll just type.
    We recently recieved word of your diagnosis. Since then my family and I have been praying for you on a daily basis. My Sunday School class has also prayed for you and your on the FBC weekly prayer sheet. Patrick, I thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. I never would have expected that there would be a solid chrsitian man that would coach my son Peter in soccer. Let alone that I would have the opportunity to help coach side-by-side with you. The Lord used you in a special way to be a blessing to Peter and I, that can never be replicated. As you know, we serve an all powerful God and our prayers are with you, Dena, Paige and Parker.

  7. Sharon Johnson says:

    You probably don’t remember Tom and I (Johnson), but we sure remember you. We were sorry to hear about your health. We are praying for you and your family. We left Cornerstone the end of June 2011 and now live in Tarpon Springs, FL.

  8. Greg Whiting says:

    My brother had told me of this recent, major change in your life. I hurt for you, and for your family. I have just read through your blog and am blessed by your writing. I am also praising God for the strength in faith He has given you just for this time. Please know I am praying for you, regularly, and am willing to do anything else I can to be a blessing to you and your family..
    Greg Whiting

  9. Stan Hungerford, BBC Class of 1990 says:

    Patrick, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis of ALS. I remember the first time I heard about this disease was when Jim Lytle’s wife, Diane, asked for prayer for her mother who was suffering with ALS. I never knew exactly what it did to a person but after reading your blogs I now know. I don’t envy what you are going through but I do envy your desire to continue to serve the Lord in spite of this affliction. I know we weren’t close friends in college but I do remember taking a couple of classes with you. I pray God will give you the strength you, and your family, will need for the road ahead. Thank you for sharing your heart and for all of your service to our Lord.

  10. joe says:

    Patrick my mom was just diagnosed with ALS 3/28/12 (last week) at the age of 65 and i stumbbled onto your story. My heart goes out to you and your family. I was saved 3/25/2001 and my mom was saved as a young lady, so I know we are Saved by Grace alone and just passing thru this earthly world our tent lives in. Last weekend I bought the book by Billy Graham: The Heaven Answer Book that reminded me that our journey here is temporary and our home is eternal with Jesus Christ. I wanted to let you know I want to hear and be blessed by your message you are going to preach on 4/22/12, I will be calling the Church tomorrow and ordering copies of your message and share it here in Missouri with my mom and her friends. I pray that your message will impact many a persons life and that you will be amazed at what the Lord is going to do on that day thru you as well as in people of all ages life. With Love in christ.

  11. Carol Lawson says:

    Hi Patrick, or should i say Hi neighbor , Its Carol from Sams Club. I just want you to know my family and i are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I admire you for your strength,courage ,and strong faith in even the most difficult times.

  12. Pastor Pat! I was just thinking of you and your family recently and wondered where you were these days… I’m so pleased to see you are still impacting kids and families for Jesus. I am so sorry to hear your health news; you and your family will be in my prayers.

  13. The Ritz Family says:

    We continue to pray for you from Virginia. — The Ritz Family (Rob, Deb, Nathan, Joshua, and Katie)

  14. Hey Patrick, we recently received a letter in the mail informing us of your current trial. While its been several years since we have had any communication, I thank God for your friendship and example. You have served the Lord well, impacted hundreds of lives, and your love for your family has always been evident. Our prayers are with you as you look to Christ during this temporary affliction.

  15. calvin says:

    Your Canadian brothers stand with you! Blessings and prayers friend.

  16. David Spink says:


    David Spink here. I remember fondly the good ole days at BBC, soccer practices, always making you work hard because I knew you could, and especially remembering your sensitivity to God and spiritual things, especially wanting to grow and do what pleased Him! And from time to time hearing that you were doing a great job working with many young people and impacting them for eternity! Now God has seemingly changed His plans for you. But we know that He had this all mapped out before “time” began and all that to bring glory to Himself! Hard to understand and even harder to imagine! Praying for you my brother and especially praying that each day will continue to bring you closer to the Lord, your family and those that you are still able to influence with and for the gospel! We will be in Michigan for a short furlough in January/February and although we don´t know how you will be or if you will be still here, would love to at least stop by and pray with you and encourage you in the Lord!! So very grateful for all that God has done and will do!!

    David Spink – “Mombo” – Missionary in Brazil Isaiah 57:15

  17. Lori Yankee says:

    Dear Dena and family, my heart hurts for you today but what blessing to read through Patrick’s blog posts. I was blessed to receive your Christmas card and the verse (Acts 20:24) that was on your card spoke to my heart and encouraged me to keep pressing on for the sake of HIS kingdom! Love & Prayers, Lori Yankee

  18. Tami Leatherman says:

    Amy shared with me Pat’s message from April. His message, focusing my eyes on the sovereignty of our Savior, lives today, for the continuing work of the Kingdom! May you enjoy the rest of our Comforter during this journey, Dena. My prayers for such to you and Paige and Parker.

  19. Hello, I am sorry about your fight with ALS. I am a son of a person with ALS. I wanted to do something about ALS for him and for others like him. However, I need help, and I want to make sure that others like my father are interested in this project.
    Please visit ALSFight.com and feel free to provide feedback.
    Thank you.

  20. Sue Craft says:

    Need to encourage an ALS friend with Patrick’s journey.

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